3D-printable Davinci catapult gift card

Because a lot of people liked my previous gift card (Fully 3D-printable wind-up car gift card: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3308710) and asked if I could create another version of it, I decided to make this Leonardo Davinci inspired catapult gift card. The whole card can be 3D-printed in one go, you don't need any extra parts except for some wire. The card can be printed without support and the print time is about 3 hours with a 0.2mm layer height. The card can be printed using regular PLA. The whole thing is designed to be able to snap fit together so there's no glue necessary. I did a lot of test prints of different parts of the model until I got some consistent and good results. It is of course possible that depending on which printer you use the result may vary. You can always let me know in the comments which parts work for you and which don't so I can create a second version of the model. I added all the parts separately to for the people who just want to print the catapult and do not have the intend to give the card as a present.

I also created some instructions to add to the experience of building a model kit. The pdf file can be found in the file section.

Print Settings
Filament used:

Creality PLA

Printer used:
Flsun Q5 






STL-files and the Fusion 360 source files can be downloaded here: https://bbprojects.technology/stl-fusion-360-source-files/3d-printable-davinci-catapult-gift-card-files

Gift card manual can be downloaded here

1 × 3D-printed parts, see Files section above.
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