First of all welcome! and thank you for visiting the BBprojects website. My name is Brian Brocken, I'm 24 and live in Beveren, Belgium. I bought my first 3D-printer back in 2015, an old Reprap Prusa I3, and haven't stopped printing since. Even today I still use that exact same printer to create some of my newer project (this in addition to a few other printers I've acquired over the years).

I always loved to know how things worked and create my own own electromechanical projects from scratch with the help of 3D-printing. This is the reason I studied electromechanical engineering with a specialization in automation. What I love even more is to share these projects with the world and watch other people build them, often times with their children or grand children. This is one of the reasons I started my YouTube channel.

Why does this website exist?

The main reason I created this website is to have platform where all the info about the projects is combined in one place  (project articles, STL and Fusion 360 source files, Schematics, Arduino Code, Gerber files, parts lists,...) and to be independend from other platforms.

The fees I'm asking for the 3D-models is being used to keep the website up and running. Anything extra goes back into the projects and and more advanced tools to build the projects, this enables me to create more, bigger and more complex projects, which in turn will be posted on this website, available for you to download.

Thank you for your visit!

I realy hope you find a project you like. If you have any suggestions for future projects you would like to see me build or have a suggestion for existing projects feel free to contact me.

Thanks in advance for your support and have fun building!

Kind regards,
Brian Brocken