Subby the interactive YouTube subscriber robot

This robot is able to move, dance, do funny stuff live when people subscribe to your YouTube channel. To get the subscriber amount number from a YouTube channel I made a visual basic application that searches for the subscriber number in the webpage. The application will than send this number to the COM port via serial strings. The Arduino will receive this serial string which contains the subscriber amount number and will than give command to the servo's.

To control the robot I designed a program that gets the subscriber amount from my channel URL and then sends it every second to the COM-port that is connected to the Arduino. The Arduino than reads the received string and reactions accordingly to it. I used a 30A brushed ESC as power supply to get the 5 VDC for the servo's.


STL-files and the Fusion 360 source files can be downloaded here:

Visual basic application can be downloaded here (yes it's safe)

Arduino codes can be downloaded here

8 × 9g Servo motorlink:
1 × White LEDlink:
1 × Small PCD push buttonslink:
1 × 12V car horn
1 × 200 ohm resistorlink:
1 × Arduino nanolink:
1 × prototype board 4cmX6cm type: 107822J2Hlink:
1 × 2S lipo batterylink:
1 × DC to DC step down regulatorlink:
1 × 5V relay to switch the car horn on and off and other functionslink:
1 × Heat shrinkslink:

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