3D-printable shredder

A while back i uploaded a video of my 3D-printable gearbox and some people told me it looked like a shredder, I thought this was actually a nice idea so i build one. I mainly build this thing jut for fun and to show people what the possibilities are with 3D-printed parts because some people still think 3D-prints are not functional and you can only make vases, figures or boats with a 3D-printer. 3D-printed parts of course have their limits like you'll see in the video ;-). Almost every part in this build is 3D-printed, except for the shafts bearings, nuts and bolts etc.

To drive the shredder I used the gearbox I mentioned above. Project can be found here: https://bbprojects.technology/blogs/projects/3d-printed-high-torque-servo-gearbox-version-2

The gearbox was powered by a 3S 2200mah LIPO battery with the help of the Universal Motion Controller I made. It's possible to run the gearbox on a 6S LIPO but this would destroy the gears almost immediately in this application.

For the dimensions of the 2 shafts see the drawing that's located in the files section on this page.

It's recommended to use at least 25 percent infill for the structural parts. Use up to 5 outer perimeters and layer heights of at least 0.2mm (when printing with a 0.4mm nozzle). top and bottom layers should be around 1mm.

Print Settings
Filament used:

Creality PLA

Printer used:
Flsun Q5 






STL-files and the Fusion 360 source files can be downloaded here: https://bbprojects.technology/stl-fusion-360-source-files/3d-printable-shredder-model

Drawings for the shafts can be downloaded here

1 × 3D-printable 775 gearbox: link to the project: https://bbprojects.technology/blogs/projects/3d-printed-high-torque-servo-gearbox-version-2
2 × 25x25x277 aluminum profile (see drawing in the files section for exact measurements look in your local hardware store to find one.
4 × 6707 -2RS bearinglink: https://shop.jvl-europe.com/epages/61425996.sf/nl_NL/?ObjectPath=/Shops/61425996/Products/6707-2RS
1 × 3D-printed parts
60 × around 60 screws of 30mm length dimension: 4.5mm diameter, 30mm length, Used to mount everything together
6 × M5 bolt and nut 60mmdimension: 60mm length, used to mount the big gears to the 2 main shafts
2 × M5 thread 140mm + nuts Used to mount the gearbox to the shredder
2 × M5 thread 100mm + nuts Used to mount the gearbox to the shredder
  • Uploaded a video of the shredder to YouTube

11/16/2020 at 18:40


  • @ Vinay Kumar I’m sorry I don’t have a good alternative for the 6707 -2RS bearing at the moment. You could try to modify to insert so you can use another type of bearing that suits you best.

    Brian Brocken
  • We were unable to get 6707 -2RS bearings in our country.Kindly provide us alternative

    Vinay Kumar

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