• SpaceX inspired edf rocket

    A SpaceX inspired edf rocket with deployable landing gear, thrust vector control and a 6s 70mm 12 blade fan.
  • RC FPV tank rover

    An almost completly 3D-printed tank equipped with an FPV system to explore and discover the unknown
  • Subby the interactive YouTube subscriber robot

    This robot is able to move, dance, do funny stuff live when people subscribe to your YouTube channel.
  • Robot hand || bionic hand prosthesis prototype

    This bionic hand uses an Arduino Nano V3 to control 7 servo's. The hand is modelled after a real hand so that a silicone mold could be made for it.
  • 8 legged spider robot

    This robot uses only 4 linear micro servo’s, an arduino nano, a bluetooth transeiver two lipo battery's in order for it to work.